Workplace Investigations

Some important questions every employer or workplace manager should ask…

  1. Has there been repeated unreasonable behaviour among members of your staff?
  2. Is this repeated unreasonable behaviour likely to cause a risk to health and safety?
  3. Has the reported behaviour resulted in an appropriate, timely and informed management response?
  4. Are you aware of Brodie’s Law and the implications?
  5. Have you conducted an internal investigation?

Engaging an external investigator to deal with matters such as bulling, sexual harassment and other incidents of misconduct in the workplace ensures an unbiased investigation and indicates to all parties involved that you are taking these matters seriously. A strong message to the respondent and an important message to the complainant.

CHS provides a professional support service for law firms – large and small – by way of litigation support/litigation defence investigations.

CHS and its team of professional, experienced and highly skilled investigators are able to provide quality investigative services together with accurate, objective, balanced reports enabling an informed decision making processes.

CHS investigators are skilled in the gathering of information – the analysis of that information and the preparation of briefs of evidence.

Risk Management

Our goal is to mitigate the risks within your business. Poorly managed risks cost money, profits, jobs, company survival, health and ultimately can cost life.

Central to our business philosophy is the manner in which we work in partnership with our clients. Building lasting relationships with our clients is dependant upon our personalised service.

We commence our assessment with a face-to-face meeting with key personnel in order to establish an intimate knowledge of the processes and objectives of your business. Assessing potential risks and determining remedies requires a partnership in order to achieve successful results.