Surveillance and Desktop Enquiries

CHS boasts a team of dedicated professional surveillance operatives, committed to corporate investigations. All our operatives are licensed and regulated by Victoria Police or the appropriate governing body in the relevant state or territory.

We undertake extensive desktop searches prior to commencing any job to ensure we are equipped with the knowledge to complete the job safely, discreetly and within budget for our clients.

We have access to subscribed databases to assist us with our impressive witness locate abilities.

Witness Location & Interviews

CHS has dedicated location staff who have access to numerous search facilities that enable them to identify and locate individuals in various States and Territories within Australia, and globally.

We have been very successful in locating “missing persons” and also in locating people who do not wish to be found.

CHS conduct interviews and obtain statements from witnesses for all manner of legal purposes.

Background Screening

The process of gaining information about an employee, candidate, or other person of interest’s personal, educational, and criminal background. Gaining accurate information / uncovering previously undisclosed information about a person / business to make an educated decision on how to proceed with a business/personal involvement. Pre-Employment Screening, Background Checks for Staff and Management.