Services to WorkCover
(Victorian WorkCover Authority)

Cygnus Higgins Shaw is a registered provider to the Victorian WorkCover Authority. Provider No. 153249.

CHS has extensive experience in:

Factual investigations

  1. Pending claims
  2. Common law investigations
  3. Fraud claims
  4. S138 recovery claims

Surveillance/Activities investigations and enquiries in all Australian states.



Some important questions every employer or workplace manager should ask…

  1. Has there been repeated unreasonable behaviour among members of your staff?
  2. Is this repeated unreasonable behaviour likely to cause a risk to health and safety?
  3. Has the reported behaviour resulted in an appropriate, timely and informed management response?
  4. Are you aware of Brodie’s Law and the implications?
  5. Have you conducted and internal investigation?

Mediation – Dispute Resolution

CHS is dedicated to the process of mediation as a way of resolving disputes. We have been trained along the lines of the Harvard interest based mediation model. Our consultants have strong interpersonal skills and are adept at drawing out parties’ concerns and interests in order to facilitate a resolution. We understand parties’ negotiating methods through many years of experience as advocates and negotiators.