Corporate Computer Forensic

Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations are the method of ascertaining whether a smartphone, personal computer, LAN, or other devices have been tampered with. These services can be critical in a corporate environment in determining inappropriate use of resources.

Domestic Computer Forensic

Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations often form a critical part of Fidelity Enquiries. Browsing history, private email accounts, deleted files can be recovered to identify the activities of an individual.

Social Media Investigations

Social media can be the breeding ground for immoral, corrupt and dangerous liasons. Frequently the true identity of individuals is disguised or completely fabricted. CHS can bring clarity to much of the ‘online’ confusion.

Digital Image Forensics

Analysis of digital images is a critical component of todays investigations. Many fraudulent activities are based on altered or composed digital images, and determining the accuracy of images requires specialist capacity and knowledge.