Intellectual Property Theft

No product or commodity is immune to this ever increasing problem. Breach or theft of Intellectual Property manifests itself in a range of industries from fashion and design, to software, proprietary financial research, agricultural chemicals, food, automotive parts and pharmaceuticals. If your business has invested heavily in product or knowledge development then vigilance is required to protect what belongs to you. Just ‘owning’ copyright is not enough.

Counterfeit goods are estimated to account for up to 8% of world trade. Firms have estimated that as much as 30% or more of domestic and international sales have been lost to counterfeit products. The counterfeiter can be your STRONGEST COMPETITOR. The security and protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) is critical for survival, stability and long term growth of your enterprise. CHS is well placed to be your company’s product and knowledge protector.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations look to highlight issues or potential issues and reveal fraud that has already been committed. Personal fraud damages individuals personally with the financial impact having far reaching consequences. Causing extreme stress in the aftermath we help individuals track the source and help stop any further incursions on their personal identity and financial security.

Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage (also known as economic or corporate espionage) includes attempts to access information about a company’s plans, products, clients or trade secrets. It can also include attempts to destroy data or prevent the owner from accessing it. CHS has a strong track record in working with industry to respond to the threat of espionage.

Equal Opportunity, Equity and Diversity

In order to comply with OH&S and WorkSafe Legislation, it is necessary to investigate any allegations of bullying, harassment, improper/inappropriate conduct, breaches of discipline or discrimination. CHS can provide highly skilled staff to conduct an investigation on your behalf and present you with recommendations.

CHS also supports and provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which encompasses a range of processes through which the parties may effectively resolve their disputes. The best known processes are Mediation, Facilitation, Arbitration and Counselling.

These processes provide our clients with specially trained neutral third parties to resolve the issues between the parties and are used as an alternative to litigation or a formal Court hearing.

Catastrophe Response

CHS provides a Professional Support Service to many and varied clients, including State and Federal government departments.

As part of that professions support service CHS has formed a 10 person Crisis / Disaster Management Response Team which has the capacity to attend anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and / or South East Asia at very short notice.

In the aftermath of any catastrophic event policy holders and Claimants expect fast and responsive service.

All too often Insurance Loss Adjusting Companies simply do not have the capacity to cope with the increase in volume, the complexities and the additional stress and strain on the system.

In simple terms ‘Crisis Management’ involves dealing with threats before, during and after they have occurred.

What CHS offers by way of CATASTROPHE/DISASTER Management Response
  • 10 person Team
  • Senior mature sensible investigators
  • All having a broad range of experience
  • Including Loss Adjusting
  • Investigation
  • Appropriately Qualified – all hold the Private Enquiry Agent License issued by Victoria Police
  • Some of the Team hold a Diploma in Loss Adjusting
  • All having had National Police Checks
  • 24/7 availability anywhere in Australia/New Zealand and/or South East Asia within 24 hours
  • Clients can mix and match to meet / suit any specific needs
  • A very experienced Claims Manager – experienced in Claims negotiations and settlements


Risk Management

Our goal is to mitigate the risks within your business. Poorly managed risks cost money, profits, jobs, company survival, health and ultimately can cost life. Central to our business philosophy is the manner in which we work in partnership with our clients. Building lasting relationships with our clients is dependant upon our personalised service.

We commence our assessment with a face-to-face meeting with key personnel in order to establish an intimate knowledge of the processes and objectives of your business. Assessing potential risks and determining remedies requires a partnership in order to achieve successful results.